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When we were young, our history professor would tell us about the importance of looking at our past in order to understand our present. This is part of the reason why we hold our memories so dearly; because it is innate in us to make sense of the now.

The many episodes of our lives lead us to believe in the power of photos and videos.

Manila Bay by Studio Buhi

Much like how we capture our lives in different braces and brackets, we find that there should be a balance in savoring everything as memories, and that of living them. Each time we do that, our past may start to make sense, allowing us to have equilibrium in our lives.

Encapsulated in film and cards are

activations of our senses.

Cambodia shot by Erika Libago of Studio Buhi

In that perfect balance, one thing is consistent: it is that we live! Buhi translates as live. It is a Visayan word that pays homage to the origin of Studio Buhi’s founders. The promise to bring to life, and have people seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing in captured images and videos is, in every sense, a Studio Buhi original.

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